Friday, August 04, 2006

Day 7 Was Off

We have evidence that Cambrian House has been monitoring our activity.
We don't feel it's the right time to disclose all the information, we're just gonna throw it out there and talk about something else.
We're starting to see the first effects of our campaign.
A few weeks before our campaign was made public, Laurence, our senior secret public relations coordinator, started to spread the word that the infamous experiment could be done by using simple table salt.
As NPR reported a few days ago, a Stanford professor had nothing better to do in his class than try this.
"I added salt to a bottle of Coca Cola at Huizhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. I had one of their chemistry professors (Prof. Li Guangxing) assist me. He had no idea what was going to happen and his facial expression shows that. The geyser of Coke went so high, it reached the ceiling of the lecture hall and left a stain, to the great enjoyment of the audience of about 300 undergraduates."

Apparently there is hope.
Jimmy, our junior lead presenter, is working on a powerpoint presentation to present why using salt and not Mentos makes sense.
Jimmy used to be a pusher.
He was part of our rehab program "Stop Pushing, Start Pulling".
We're confident he will make his point.
We think he's already written "Because".

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Day Before Tomorrow: Day 6

We were shocked to find out that crowdsourcing website Cambrian House, decided to start its career with a red stain: creating the biggest Mentos&Coke geyser ever to send coke into space.
They created the following subliminal propagandistic ad.

Not only they want to publicly perpetrate and publicize a mass genocide of 25000 Mentos, they wanna spray coke all over the country.
We believe the Cleaners' Union is behind this.
Alexander, our junior chief cleaner, has acted suspiciously lately.
We have a feeling he wants to get back on it.
He must be a good actor though.
We almost cried watching the interview.
We have asked Ceasar, our senior rehab manager, to ask Seymour, our junior secret agent, to follow Alexander.
It would be painful for us if Alexander had to go through shock treatment again.
We might have to get as hard as psychoanalysis on his ass if Seymour nails him.
Juliette, our junior chief shrink, is kinda worried.
She never finished reading "Freud for Dummies".
She said it was boring.
We're in good hands.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Day V

We caught a fish.
A big one too.
We've been working in the shadow for months trying to help Mentos&Coke addicts to get rid of their problem.
One of them decided to help others by sharing his experience with the world.
His name is Alexander, he is now our junior chief cleaner.
He was part of our rehab programme "Get Outta There".
We're very proud of him.
He makes our toilets shine.