Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Day Before Tomorrow: Day 6

We were shocked to find out that crowdsourcing website Cambrian House, decided to start its career with a red stain: creating the biggest Mentos&Coke geyser ever to send coke into space.
They created the following subliminal propagandistic ad.

Not only they want to publicly perpetrate and publicize a mass genocide of 25000 Mentos, they wanna spray coke all over the country.
We believe the Cleaners' Union is behind this.
Alexander, our junior chief cleaner, has acted suspiciously lately.
We have a feeling he wants to get back on it.
He must be a good actor though.
We almost cried watching the interview.
We have asked Ceasar, our senior rehab manager, to ask Seymour, our junior secret agent, to follow Alexander.
It would be painful for us if Alexander had to go through shock treatment again.
We might have to get as hard as psychoanalysis on his ass if Seymour nails him.
Juliette, our junior chief shrink, is kinda worried.
She never finished reading "Freud for Dummies".
She said it was boring.
We're in good hands.


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