Friday, July 28, 2006

THE day 3

This morning, Rufus, our junior production manager, wanted to share something with the team.
Rufus has Guacamole for breakfast.
He says it’s a tradition in his country.
He comes from Turkmenistan though. His real name is Saparmurat.
Here is the transcript of this morning’s brainstorming session that Jody, our senior vice-transcriber, worked on.
Rufus: ”We have to change our strategy. We need more videos.”
Us: “You’re the production manager, you should take care of that”.
Rufus: “I’m a refugee from Turkmenistan, not God”.
Rufus is a joker.
Rufus: “I’ve been reading the website lately. I think we need a new name for Day 3”.
Us: “Any suggestions?”
Rufus: “Yes. THE day 3”
He told us he has a degree in English literature.
Maybe he's just tired.
Us: “Rufus, that’s not correct in English. You cannot say THE day 3”
Rufus: “Correct, shmorrect. We’re trying to make a revolution.”
We think he has a point.
Thanks Rufus.


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