Friday, July 28, 2006

The Bitter and the Sweet: Big Time Frustrations

Mark, our junior marketing analyst, finally got out of the bathroom after two hours. We tried to talk to him to check if he was ok, but he kept on walking to his office and locked himself in.
We’re very worried about him.
After half an hour, he slipped the following memo under his door, kindly asking us to publish it on the website as it came from his hands.
Janine, our junior head secretary, did a scan for us.
We don’t understand why he used MS Paint for this one too.

We were surprised to understand that Mark is also a poet.
He didn’t put it in his resumé.
It was probably really hard for him to dig in his feelings this much and make it public.
We really appreciated how he put himself in the kid’s clothes with the word “soaked”.
If only there were more Marks.
We think we’re going to fire Janine.
This scan sucks.